• ceiling-construction

    Ceiling construction

    Good progress on our construction site. next steps are ceiling, electric and water installation.

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  • mauern02

    First walls

    Our school buildig are on going day by day!

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  • foundation

    Ground Piling & Foundation finished

    After 10 days of work the ground piling and piling foundation is finshed. More pictures in our gallery!

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  • 20160204_161320

    Start of Construction

    It´s done! We were working more than 2 years in planning. Now the construction of our new Education and Community Centre begins! After a traditional ceremony the first ground piling…

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  • scao_sign_contract

    Construction contract signed

    SCAO are proud to announce that the Construction of SCAO Education and Community Centre will begin THIS THURSDAY! After many months of hard work and planning, the first phase…

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  • plan

    Drawings of educational and community center

    After the last meeting with architect Mr. Karno on 08.07.2015 was determined that Mr. Karno will elaborate for the project “educational and community center” as follows: – Drawings of floor…

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  • mauer_06

    Building the fence

    Prey Ponror, Cambodia. An important step has almost ended. The boundary wall around the land of the new educational and community center is nearly completed. With a height of 1.5…

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  • bauland_06

    Filling the Land

    Prey Ponror, Cambodia. Next step successfully mastered. The land for the new S.C.A.O. Educational and community center is filled. Since the land was a rice field before, and therefore was…

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  • SDC11174

    New Well

    Finally the construction of educational and community center has begun. The first step is the establishment of a well (28 m deep) for the water required during the construction…

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