Construction of an education and community center

Pnea Pon, Sen Sok district, Cambodia

The “Save poor Children in Asia Organization” (Cambodia) plans the new construction of an Education and Community Centre in Prey Ponror, a village located 25km north west of the capital Phnom Penh. During this project, S.C.A.O. will be supported by its partner organisations “Kinderhilfe in Kambodscha e.V.” (Germany), “GECKO Kinderhilfe Südostasien e.V.” (Germany), “Estrellas de camboya” (Spain), “SCOOP Foundation” (Ireland) und “Pacha Youth Foundation” (USA). The hinterland of Prey Ponror consists of 16 smaller villages, which are all accessible by bike. The public education system runs 2 primary schools and 1 Highschool and is therefore accessible for 1,000 students per day.

Location: Pnea Pon, "Sen Sok" district
Start construction: January 2016
Start classes: 3rd quarter of2016
Students: Approx. 300-400 students a day
Subjects: Englisch, Computer
Teacher: 2-3 Cambodian teachers plus about 8 international volunteers
Classrooms: 2 rooms for max.40 students
Computer room: 1 room for max.20 students
Multi purpose room: 1 roomfor max.20 students(or youngsters in the optional training program)
Accomondations: rooms for long-term volunteers
2 dorms for short-term volunteers (women/ men)
1 room for the caretaker family
Bathrooms: 2 separatesanitary facilitiesfor students andvolunteers
Equipment: Wells, waterfiltering andstorage system,rainwater harvestingsystem, solarenergy system
Other: A later expansion of the penthouse if necessary is possible.


The aim of S.C.A.O. is to improve the level of education which the public education system is able to provide. Our main focus lies on free English and computer course. We expect up to 400 students to attend classes every day. In addition, there are plans to improve water supply by organizing wells and water filters, organise healthcare courses, building toilets and so on. All these measures are going to be coordinated with the officials, of course.


As we are aware of the donators need for the appropriate application of their funds, transparency is at high priority for us. Therefore, if you wish to have additional information you are not able to get within this website, please do not hesitate to contact us!

S.C.A.O. is quite experienced

The S.C.A.O. School II was opened in August 2011 after the SCOOP Foundation and Kinderhilfe in Kambodscha e.V. and Pacha Youth funded the construction of the building and it is accessible for all interested students. See our reference project!

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Let´s build the Education and Coummunity Centre!


Let´s give free English and computer lessons to all childrens around!

Community Services

Let´s give them waterfilters and toilets - for a better health!

Project Board


Sath Sameth

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André Struve

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Jordi Miracle

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Andy Sweeney

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Gabriel Padilla

Volunteers at S.C.A.O.

  • Peter, Ireland
  • Julius, Germany
  • Lukas, Germany
  • Leyla, Germany
  • Aleix, Spain
  • Emilly, Germany
  • Lilli, Germany
  • Rebecca, Canada
  • Luzie, Germany
  • Antonia, Germany
  • Lennart, Germany
  • Sam, Ireland
  • Lauren, Ireland
  • Jack, England
  • Leah, Ireland
  • Luke, Ireland
  • Katie, Ireland
  • Maria, Spain
  • Cecile, Germany
  • Carl, Australia
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